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Sassy, Sarcastic & Slightly Sweet.


"The Middle"

LJ's top of show guest star on ABC's The Middle. Mothers Day Reservation.

"Off Their Rockers"

Betty White and LJ in NBC's "Off Their Rockers" and other clips! 

"Stand Up"

A little tast of LJ's stand up shows from NYC & L.A.

"Days Of Our Lives"

 LJ as Seth Burns assistant Claudia. ​

Let's Talk About Ray Rice

// Spoken Word // PSA//Maniacal Wombat Pictures.

Stand Up Comedy

One of LJ's stand up performances at "Flappers" located in Burbank California

"See Girl Try"

LJ teaches Jamie how to twirl a baton....Seriously LJ can twirl a baton.​

Police And Quite
LJ Guest Stars in the Goldentusk production as Officer Melissa. 


LJ gets to play a crazy cat lady.

Dating A Puppet.

LJ makes a cameo in Amanda Jaros's webseries. 

Call Me Maybe?

A little love for the family back east.

"Off Their Rockers"​

LJ and Betty White  on NBC's "Off Their Rockers" 

Speed Reel

Small samples of "Tony & Tina's Wedding" "The Mentalist" & "Stickers & Fish"

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